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The smart light incubator function

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-06 Click:122

Optional equipment for smart light incubator: multi-step programming, computer control, wireless remote alarm, sound and light alarm, overheating protection, plant growth lamp, built-in light source, protective refrigeration of the environment, regular ventilation, multi level of adjustable lighting.

The automatic protection function of the smart light incubator is:

1. The smart light incubator has power-off memory. automatic power off and one time compensation functions; The original working state can be continued after power failure and restart.

2. The grid space inside the cabinet can be adjusted freely according to the height of the sample.

3. Standard openings on the outside of the softbox make temperature control more precise. HeThere are universal wheels at the bottom for easy movement.

4. Operating temperature and light of each experimental section can be arbitrarily adjusted, fully self-automatic control by microcomputer, integrated control board, touch switch.

5. The smart light incubator studio has gentle wind speed and uniform temperature; it adopts hollow reflective tempered glass with good heat insulation performance.

6. It can display the experiment period, set the remaining temperature and time, the actual temperature and the light level, and also has the period conversion function.

7. The intelligent light incubator has the super-temperature sensor abnormal protection function, and the full-spectrum plant growth lamp is selected, which is beneficial to plant growth and improves disease resistancestand.