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Fully automatic liquid penetration tester

Author: Released in:2024-05-06 Click:16

Fully automatic liquid penetration tester

Fully automatic liquid penetration tester

Applicable scope:

Used to measure the liquid penetration performance of various sanitary thin non-woven fabrics.

Compliant with standards:

FZ/T60017 "Test Method for Liquid Penetration of Sanitary Thin Non woven Fabrics", GB/T24218.8 "Determination of Liquid Penetration Time" and other standards.

Instrument characteristics:

1. The whole machine is processed with high-quality metal paint on the outside;

2. The sample table is made of imported special aluminum profiles, which are lightweight, have a smooth surface, and will never rust;

3. The instrument adopts an imported special aluminum brushed panel, equipped with metal buttons;

4. The instrument is equipped with an imported meter head;

5. The penetrating disc is made of special organic glass and processed to ensure a weight of 500 grams ± 5 grams;

6. Large capacity burette, greater than 100ml;

7. Burette movement stroke: 0.1-150mm;

8. The movement speed of the burette is about 50-200mm/min;

9. The penetrating disc is equipped with a precision positioning device;

10. The sample clamping can directly raise the penetrating disc and is equipped with positioning and fixing devices;

11. The penetration disk electrode is processed using special platinum wire material;

12. The penetration disk is equipped with a quick connection interface, which can be added to facilitate replacement and is simple and fast;

13. The instrument is equipped with an automatic release device for liquid release, which can achieve automatic control;

14. The liquid flow rate is controlled to pass through a flow rate of 80ml within 6 seconds, with an error of less than 2ml.