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Non woven fabric liquid loss tester

Author: Released in:2024-05-06 Click:14

Non woven fabric liquid loss tester

Non woven fabric liquid loss tester

Applicable scope:

This instrument is used to test the amount of slip and loss of non-woven fabric materials in specific test fluids.

Place a standard absorption medium under the tested nonwoven fabric, place the composite sample on an inclined pad, and measure the liquid loss performance of the nonwoven fabric sample by weighing the weight changes before and after the standard absorption medium test when a specific amount of artificial urine flows down onto the composite sample.

Compliant with standards:

Edana152.0-99; ISO9073-11 standard.

Instrument features:

1. Having a loss table and sample fixture that meet standard requirements;

2. A dosage device capable of delivering 25mL of test solution in a continuous liquid flow within (4 ± 0.1) seconds;

3. Manual operation, automatic recording, and digital display of the test fluid outflow time;

4. Can be equipped with a loss weighing system.

Technical indicators:

1. Flow rate control range: 6.10mL/s to 6.41 mL/s;

2. Sliding and loss table inclination control: 25 °;

3. Slipping and loss length: 250 ± 0.2mm;

4. Timing: 60s, accuracy: ± 0.1s;

5. Slipping and loss weight: 30g ± 0.01g.