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Fiber friction coefficient tester

Author: Released in:2024-04-24 Click:25

Fiber friction coefficient tester

Fiber friction coefficient tester

Applicable scope:

Used to measure the dynamic and static friction coefficients between various textile fibers, as well as between fibers and metals or nitrile rubber.

Testing method:

Apply equal pre tension clamps to both ends of a single fiber and hang it on the cylindrical measuring head of the instrument. When the cylindrical measuring head rotates, due to friction between the fiber and the surface of the cylinder, the pre tension clamp at one end will slide downwards in the direction of rotation of the cylinder and fall onto the torsion balance hook of the instrument to measure the friction force. According to the friction relationship between a single rope and a cylinder: f/f0=e μθ

Computable friction coefficient μ。

Main technical parameters:

1. Torque balance weighing: 250mg

2. Diameter of cylindrical friction roller: Φ 8mm

3. Friction roller speed: 0.9, 12, 30, 50, 90, 220, 410, 720 rpm