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Experimental working process of cloth flat grinder

Author: Released in:2023-02-14 Click:26

Parameters of Cloth Flat Grinder:


ASTM D4970 ISO 12945.2, GB/T 4802.2/13775/21196.1/21196.2 ASTM D4966 ISO 12947 FZ/T 20020 BS 3424 -24/5690 ISO 12947.1/12947.2 M&S P17/P19/P19C NEXT 18/18a/18b ISO 5470-2 IWTO-40 JIS L1096 8.17.5 Method E Woolmark TM 112/196

Scope of application:

It can detect the abrasion resistance and pilling performance of various plants. Under a certain pressure, the sample and the specified abrasive are subjected to continuous reversing friction, and the degree of wear and pilling is evaluated by comparison with the standard parameters. Touch screen operation with complete programmer, pre-programmed batch and total counts, individually set counts for each test head; 4 speeds selectable including standard speeds.

Technical parameters:

1. Number of stations: 9;

2. Count range: 0~999999 times

3 . Maximum stroke: hhorizontal 60.5 ± 0.5 mm vertical 24 ± 0.5 mm

4. Mass of material under pressure:

a. Container: 200 ± 1 g

b. Clothes sample weight: 395±2g

C. Furniture decoration sample weight: 594±2g

D. Stainless steel butterfly: 260±1g

5. Effective friction diameter of grinding block :

Type A 200g (1.96N) friction head (9KPa) ¢ 28.8 -0.084mm

Type B 155g (1.52 N) Friction head (12KPa) ¢ 90 -0.10mm

6. Relative moving speed between the holder and the grinding table: 20-70r/min (adjustable)

7. Installation Hammer mass test pressure: 2385±10g

Instrument configuration and consumables:

1. 9 sets of sample holders;

9 pieces of 2.9Kpa and 12KPa weights ;

3. One set of Φ38mm and Φ140mm sampler;

4. One piece of Φ38 mm and Φ140 mm sampler back plate;

5. Pilling A set of test kits;

6. A set of SM50 standard samples;

7. A set of EMPA standard pilling samples and a piece of SM-25 standard abrasive cloth 1.6m×5m;

8. A set of standard foam 1.5m×0.5m (4 pcs/set);


9. A standard piece of felt;

10. 20 Φ90mm felt discs;

11. 50 Φ38mm and Φ140mm sample sheets;< /p


12. Other necessary accessories recommended by the manufacturer.

Cloth surface grinding machine test method:

1 cutting device, such as a press knife, is large enough to cut a The exact size of the test sample is determined by the confirmation of the test sample carrier. Just in case the SATRA STM105 should have a round diameter of 44 - 1 mm. From different positions on the plate, avoiding a 50mm manufacturing edge.

2 Cut out another test sample and use it for comparison or reference to the faded or worn sample.

3 Leave the test sample textile for 24 hours at 20/-2℃, humidity 65/-2%.

Let me talk about the detailed steps of the Martindale Abrasion Tester:

1 BevDry half of the abrasion resistant samples and half of the wool felt until the color on both sides of the sample is clearly dark.

2 Place the sample in each gripper ring with the test side facing out.

3 If the quality of the test sample reaches 500g/m2, test method A or B can be used to place foam in each sample container to fill the sample test space.

4 Clamp the sample to prevent the test sample from bending, creasing and deformation.

5 Lay a piece of dry wool felt over half of the wear sample.

6 Place the dry sanding test piece on the wool felt with the test side facing up.

7 Place the weight on the sample, smooth out the wrinkles and remove the weight.

8 Repeat step 6.7 on the other copy.

9 If necessary, immediately repeat steps 6.5 to 6.8 with wet wear-resistant samples and wet wool felt.

10 Place the test sample correctly in the test fixture to make surethat the test can proceed normally.

11 Load the force on each test head to ensure that the test sample and wear resistant sample are loaded according to the required force value.

The above are the 11 operating steps of the Martindale Abrasion Tester.

More about fabric flat grinders: http://www.abrasiontesters.com/productlist/list-5-1.html </p