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2016 New Martindale Abrasion Testing Machine Parameter Analysis

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-02 Click:148

The instrument is designed by absorbing the advantages of similar instruments at home and abroad. The appearance is beautiful and elegant and it has a touch-sensitive screen. The interface is easy to understand and simple to operate. The microcomputer system uses two counting methods, which are intuitive and easy to set up. Eight stations test simultaneously, improving test efficiency. The instrument is also equipped with two types of Lissajous (Lissajous) 24mm × 24mm, 60.5mm × 60.5mm movement track and various supporting accessories, which can be adapted to different test methods and standards.

This instrument is suitable for testing the pilling degree of fabrics such as GB/T4802.2, ASTM D4970, ISO12945-2, etc. The principle: under a given pressure, the round sample is pressed against the fabric of the same material rubbed with the web of the Lissajous figure, and after the specified number of revolutionscounts is reached, the pilling level of the sample is evaluated. It is also suitable for the abrasion resistance test of GB/T13775, ASTM D4966, ISO12947 and other fabrics. The principle: Under a certain pressure, the round fabric sample rubs against the standard abrasive according to the movement trajectory of the Lissajous curve, resulting in damage to the sample. The abrasion resistance of the fabric is expressed by the number of times the sample is damaged performance.

Martindale Abrasion Machine meets the standard:
GB/T4802.2, ASTM D4970, ISO12945-2 and other tests for the degree of pilling of fabrics. Also meets: GB/T13775, ASTM D4966, ISO12947 and other fabric abrasion resistance tests.

Technical parameters:
1. The distance between the transmission shaft and its central axis: (30.25 ± 0.25) mm
2. The ratio of the speed of the outer gear to the speed of the inner gear: 16:15
3. The maximum stroke of the yellowThe cartridge mounting plate is (60.5 ± 0.5) mm
4. Pressure hammer: mass: 2.5 ± 0.5 kg, diameter 120 ± 10 mm;
5. Friction resistant sample set: load weight + guide shaft + friction head, the total mass weight should be 198 ± 2g; - 0.026), the length is about 89 mm;
7. The total mass of the loading block and cartridge mounting assembly should be: large block (795±7)g, small block (595±7)g
Dust pilling Performance measurement:
1. The distance between the transmission shaft and the central shaft is (12±0.25) mm;
2. The total mass should be: (155±1)g
3. Loading block (1): (260±1)g
4. The total mass of the test fixture and loading block is (415±2)g
5. Felt: The top (pattern fixture) diameter is 90 ± 1mm

1) Wool felt: diameter 140mm, thickness: 2.5 ± 0.5mm, mass per area unit: 750 ± 50 m2;
2) Friction cloth: diameter minimum 140 mm; the abrasive should be replaced after the test exceeds 50,000 turns.

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