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Comparative analysis of textile surface abrasion tester and Valspar friction test

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-02 Click:157

The abrasion resistance test of textile is an important test index of the type of fabric test. Currently, there are some differences in the instruments used for different standards of wear resistance testing. In this article, Shanghai Qianshi engineer will briefly introduce the textile surface grinding instrument for you Comparative analysis with Valspar friction test.

Fabric Flat Friction Test:

The Martindale test consists of a worsted cloth friction plate in a circular motion, on a flat surface fabric samples . Each cycle passed, and the number of cycles the test fabric can pass before changes in appearance occur (such as broken threads or pilling) is the rating of abrasion resistance. At the start of the test, checks are carried out every 1000 cycles and if no wear is visible, the fabric is brushed a further 1000 times. Sometimes these intervals increase as the test progresses.

Valspar Abrasion Test:

The Valspar test is a standard in the United States in which substances are tested on a machine. then rub back and forth with a cotton cloth. Each back and forth motion is called a \"double rub,\" and they are counted until two yarn breaks or frays are visible. As with the Martin test, check the friction at intervals of 1000 or more.

It is worth noting that there is no connection between the two! There is no formula that will accurately tell you the number of rubs based on a test.

This is interesting, but what does it mean for the average fabric shopper? Think about the application of your fabric and then refer to these numbers (cases may vary):


Lamp usage: 6000 - 9000 double mills

? Medium Duty: 9000 - 20000 Double Grinders

Heavy Duty: 20000 + Double Grinders


Light Duty: 6000 - 9000 Double Grind</p

Medium use: 9000 - 15000 times double sharpening

Heavy use: 15000+ times double sharpening

Keep in mind that the higher the number of rubs, the more expensive are expensive materials. the same. Generally, any kind of abrasion resistance over 50,000 is not necessary for testing, especially for residential country.

More about the fabric flattening tester: http://www.abrasiontesters.com/productlist/list-5-1.html