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Experimental methods for different standards of the pilling tester HERE

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-10 Click:85

Pilling tester HERE Test according to customer supplied standards. Experience shows that, generally, when cashmere products are tested using Martindale and random methods, the results are difficult to reach level 3 and above. For cashmere knitted fabrics, the applicable anti-pilling test method is the HERE pilling tester test method. Currently, according to the methods GB/T4802.3 (hereinafter referred to as GB), ISO 12945-1 (hereinafter referred to as ISO) and JSL1076 A (hereinafter referred to as JIS), the details are as follows:

1 .ICI pilling tester

GB conforms to ISO standard for rotary box, and the size is 235mm cube, the thickness of cork coating is 3.2 mm, replacement cycle is not specified; JIS standard states that the size is 23mm cube, thickness of cork covering is (3±0.2)mm, density (0.25±0.03)g/mm, resistancetensile stance is 980 kPa (10 kgf/mm) and the usage limit is 1,500 hours. Density, tensile strength and usage limits are not explained in GB and ISO standards. The rotation speeds specified in the three standards are all (60 ± 2) rpm.

2. Polyurethane sample tube

The provisions of GB and ISO standards for sample tubes are consistent, with tube length (140 ± 1) mm, a thickness (3.2 ± 0.5) mm, The outer diameter is (31.5 ± 1) mm, the mass is (52.25 ± 1) g; The JIS standard stipulates that the tube length is 150mm, the thickness is 3mm, the outer diameter is 31mm, the mass is 51g, and the limit is 47g. If damaged, replace it immediately. The hardness is also specified. It is specified as (42 ± 5).

3. Adhesive tape

GB and ISO standards stipulate 19mm wide PVC tape, and JIS stipulates vinyl tape18mm wide.

IV. Sample preparation

According to GB and ISO standards, the sample size is 125mm × 125mm. After sewing 12mm from the edge, cut 6mm at both ends for seam warping and turn it inside out. Mounted on the sample tube, there are two samples in the longitude and latitude directions. The JIS standard states that the sample size is 10mm × 12mm. The sample is wrapped around the sample tube and then sewn with cotton thread. There are two samples in warp and weft direction.

5. Test time of pilling tester HERE

GB recommends 7200r for wool spinning and 14400r for worsted wool spinning; there is no unified standard in ISO Specifies the number of rotations; JIS generally sets 10h for woven fabrics and 5h for knitted fabrics. For cashmere knits, spinning wool 7200r and worsted wool tournante 10 are generally used at home and abroad.800r.