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Application and development prospects of electronic fabric strength machines

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-10 Click:54

The electronic fabric strength machine is a testing instrument that uses mechanical force to test the mechanical properties of materials such as static load, tension, compression, bending, shear and coat. It is the most commonly used testing instrument in factories, industries or laboratories. The production of each product is inseparable from product testing and inspection. For example, the production of shoes requires waiting for its stickiness, hardness, etc. The application field of fabric traction machine is to test and detect various force relationships between metals or non-metals. Therefore, the powerful machines are widely used in metrology and quality inspection, rubber plastics, metallurgy and steel, machinery manufacturing, electronic devices, automobile production, textile fibers andt chemical, wires and cables, packaging materials and food, medical equipment, civil nuclear energy, universities and scientific research laboratories, commodInspection and city arbitration, technical supervision services, building materials, ceramics, petrochemicals and other industries.
With the continuous development of science and technology and the continuous development of various industries, new requirements have been put forward for tensile strength machines. Single wire reinforcing machines play an increasingly important role in various industries. Highly automated, intelligent, multi-functional, efficient and low-consumption tensile testing machine equipment are increasingly favored by the industry.
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