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Durability test bench for steering column assembly

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Durability test bench for steering column assembly

Durability test bench for steering column assembly

The performance of the steering system directly affects the handling stability and safety of the car. The steering column assembly is one of the important components in the car's steering system, and its performance directly affects driving safety and handling stability.

Applicable scope:

The durability test bench for steering column assembly is used for durability testing of steering transmission devices, evaluating the fatigue durability performance of automotive steering column assembly, and determining whether the product is qualified or not.

According to the standard:

QC/T 649-2010 Performance Requirements and Test Methods for Automotive Steering Control Mechanisms

Testing items:

1. Torsion fatigue life test;

2. Rotary fatigue life test;

3. Rotary bending durability test;

4. Forward driving fatigue durability test (load loading);

5. Reverse drive fatigue durability test (load loading).

Technical features:

1.The test bench is composed of mechanical modules, power loading modules, measurement and control modules, etc.

2. The mechanical module is composed of mechanical clamping and connection conversion parts, whose function is to convert one mechanical quantity into another mechanical quantity corresponding to the purpose requirements, such as converting rotary motion into linear motion.

3. The power module includes a set of electric rotary drive devices, consisting of an AC servo motor, harmonic reducer, flexible coupling, torque sensor, directional transmission shaft, etc., and four sets of pneumatic linear drive devices composed of magnetic powder brake brackets, etc.