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Burning performance testing machine for paving materials

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Burning performance testing machine for paving materials

Burning performance testing machine for paving materials

The combustion performance testing machine for flooring materials determines various flooring materials, such as textile carpets, cork boards, wooden boards, rubber boards, plastic flooring, and floor spray materials. The results can reflect the combustion performance of the paving material (including the substrate). This test method involves igniting the paving material horizontally placed and exposed to an inclined thermal radiation field with a small flame in a test combustion chamber to evaluate its flame propagation ability.

Reference standard:

ASTM E648-15 "Standard Test for Critical Radiation Flux of Floor Coating Systems Using Radiant Heat Energy"

BS EN ISO 9239-1-2010 "Fire response test for floor coverings - Determination of combustion performance using a radiant heat source"

GB/T 11785-2005 "Determination of combustion performance of paving materials - Radiation heat source method"

Technical indicators:

1. Radiation heat source: The radiation surface size is (300 × 450) mm ± 10mm, and the radiation plate can withstand high temperatures of 900 ℃.

2. Test fixture: Made of fire-resistant and L-shaped stainless steel material with a thickness of (2.0 ± 0.1) mm, the exposed surface size of the specimen is (200 ± 3) mm x (1015 ± 10) mm.

3. Igniter: A stainless steel igniter used to ignite specimens, with an inner diameter of 6mm,

The outer diameter is 10mm, and there are two rows of holes on this igniter, evenly distributed on the centerline

19 radial holes with a diameter of 0.7mm, 60 below the centerline. Online flat

16 radial holes with a diameter of 0.7mm are evenly distributed.

4. Propane rotor flow rate: The propane gas flow rate is controlled at (0.026 ± 0.002) L/s,

Ensure that the ignition flame height is (60-120) mm.

5. Smoke exhaust: Smoke exhaust speed: 2.5 ± 0.2 m/s Smoke exhaust capacity: 39-85 m3/min Hot ball anemometer measures the flow velocity of the smoke exhaust channel with an accuracy of ± 0.1 m/s.

6. Water cooled heat flux meter: Measurement range of heat flux meter: 0-15Kw/m? Heat flux meter accuracy: ± 0.2Kw/m2 Heat flux meter accuracy:<± 3%.

7. Temperature sensor: Two K-type stainless steel Kai mounted thermocouples with a diameter of 3.2 mm. Installed separately in the radiation test box for paving materials and the flue at a distance of (150 ± 2) mm from the top of the box flue.

8. Radiation pyrometer: with a testing range of (480~530) ℃ (blackbody temperature) and an accuracy of ± 0.5 ℃, it is approximately 1.4 m away from the radiation plate. The sensitivity of the radiation pyrometer remains constant at wavelength 1 μ M to 9 μ Within the range of m.

9. Power supply voltage: AC380V three-phase five wire system.

Product features:

1. The main components are all imported, safe and reliable, with a long service life.

2. The gas pipeline layout is reasonable, with gas leakage and tempering devices installed inside. In case of gas leakage, the inlet gas will be automatically shut off and an alarm will be triggered.

3. The temperature of the radiation plate can be automatically adjusted. The propane gas supply is equipped with an imported mass flow controller, and the air output measurement is equipped with an independent blower. The variable frequency automatic adjustment does not require manual operation.

4. During normal testing, the flame spread distance can be recorded through a foot switch without the need for manual mouse clicks to operate the computer.

5. Adopting an industrial all-in-one machine, the operation is convenient and reliable.

6. A measurement and control software developed independently using VB language, which centrally controls the collection, processing, and data analysis.

Laboratory environmental requirements:

Power supply voltage: AC 220V 50HZ safety grounding wire;

Laboratory temperature: (23 ± 2) ℃;

Laboratory humidity: (40-60)% RH;

The experimental equipment occupies a space of 3m x 1.5m x 2.6m.