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ATLAS Xenotest Beta+FD Xenon Lamp Aging Testing Machine

Author: Released in:2024-05-07 Click:18

ATLAS Xenotest Beta+FD Xenon Lamp Aging Testing Machine

ATLAS Xenotest Beta+FD Xenon Lamp Aging Testing Machine

Applicable scope:

It is used to ensure the quality of stable product components, determine whether packaging materials are qualified, and help identify the shelf life of products.

Product advantages:

1. Xenontest Beta+FD is an advanced independent rotating xenon lamp tester with a 4000 square centimeter exposure area. Its design is fully tailored to the testing needs of the FMCG field, such as beverages, food, personal care, or home products. Beta+FD enables consumer goods manufacturers to conduct practical testing of their products in a short amount of time, typically with an acceleration factor between 10-50 times real-time.

2. Beta+FD has two custom shelves - a bottle rack and a packaging rack. Both sample racks can accommodate samples weighing up to 20 kilograms, suitable for various packaging shapes and sizes.

3. The economical non aging filter ensures a realistic simulation of all three common lighting conditions - outdoor sunlight/indoor sunlight/supermarket lighting.

4. Equipped with a cooler to maintain the test temperature at actual levels, even under high radiation conditions. Programming and monitoring can be completed online.

Product features:

·A set of 3 NXE 2200 xenon lamp tubes

·4.000 cm large exposure area

·Color touch screen directly sets and displays control parameters

·Directly set and control the irradiation intensity of 300-400 nm or

·Directly set and control the black label temperature

·Directly set and control the temperature of the box

·Display diagnostic information

·10 preset programs

·Multilingual user interface

·Test box with rotating frame, sample holder for special applications

·Insulation test box and waterproof condensation edge

·Can install a non aging XENOCHROME filter system to simulate outdoor light and sunlight passing through glass

·Optional store lighting filters simulate supermarket lighting conditions

·Sample holder XENONSENSIV 300-400nm or 300-800nm, used for measuring and controlling irradiance (W/m2) and black label temperature

·Optional temperature control: only control the box temperature (10-70 degrees), or simultaneously control the box temperature and blackboard temperature (25-120 degrees)

·The temperature difference between the fan control box temperature and the black label temperature

·SunCool Beta+cooler for temperature range of extended CHT - and BST - at lower temperatures

·UV protection test box window

·Shutdown operation through radiation exposure, light exposure time, or total operating time

·Automatic activation function of

·Built in memory chip to store instrument data

·Transfer and store data through RS 232 interface or memory card

·Implement internal computer network connection through Ethernet interface and use XenoTouch Add-ons 1, 2, and 3 (remote control, email service, online monitoring)

Technical parameters:

1. Light source: 3 x 2200W air-cooled xenon lamp tube

2. Service life: 1500 hours

3. Filter: XENOCHROME (300/320) and store light sources that are not prone to aging

4. Radiation control: automatic control at 300-400nm or 300-800nm

5. Range of irradiance: bottle rack 25-200W/m2 (300-400nm) 200-950W/m2 (300-800nm) packaging rack 15-120W/m2 (300-400nm) 200-950W/m2 (300-800nm)

6. Light monitoring:

7. Humidity control: not available

8. Humidity range: unavailable

9. Temperature Control (CHT): Automatic

10. Test box (CHT) temperature range: 15-70 ℃ (requires cooling device)

11. Blackboard temperature (BST) and black label temperature (BPT) range: BST 25-130 ℃ (with cooling device) BPT25-95 ℃ (with cooling device)

12. Simultaneously controlling the temperature of the blackboard and box: standard

13. Sample rack type: Up to 15 bottle racks, up to 22 packaging racks

14. Exposure test area:

15. TFT full-color touch screen control panel display screen All test parameters: 5.7 inches

16. Multinational languages (Asia and Europe): standard

17. Automatic testing time countdown kJ/m2: standard

18. Data acquisition interface: RS232 or memory card

19. Online programming and Ethernet monitoring:

20. Power supply: 400 V, 50/60 Hz (3, N, PE) 32 A, customizable as needed

21. Dimensions (length x width x height): 200 x 90 x

Optional configuration:

1. Sample holder D (beverage): A stainless steel sample holder with a circumference of 25 centimeters and a height of 34 centimeters; Capacity: 7 bottles (diameter ≥ 9 centimeters); 11 bottles (diameter ≥ 5-9 centimeters); Large load specification: 20 kilograms

2. Sample holder F (food): Stainless steel sample holder and horizontal ring are used to install various sizes of flexible packaging samples

3. Store Light Filter

4. XENOCHROME300 (filter for simulating outdoor testing at 300nm on UV notches)

5. XENOCHROME320 (filter, used for simulating rear window glass testing at 320nm on UV notches)

6. XenoCal WB300-800 sensor

7. XenoCal WB300-400 sensor

8. XenoTouch add-on; Remote control, email service, online monitoring