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Atlas SEPAP MHE environmental test chamber

Author: Released in:2024-05-07 Click:18

Atlas SEPAP MHE environmental test chamber

Atlas SEPAP MHE environmental test chamber

SEPAP MHE is specifically designed to perform accelerated photoaging of polymers, in order to understand the aging mechanisms of polymers exposed to outdoor environments and to examine molecular level chemical evolution. SEPAP MHE uses mercury vapor lamps to replicate and accelerate the chemical mechanisms that cause the neutral energy of polymers to gradually dissipate throughout their service life. Can SEPAP MHE operate at 90 W/m? Up to 300 W/m? Operate at irradiation levels of 290 to 420 nm.


Mercury vapor lamp (1000 W)

1040 cm? Sample holder capacity

Radiation range 90 to 300 W/m? (290 nm to 420 nm)

Accurate control of irradiance, black label temperature (BST), and indoor temperature

Radio controlled sample holder illumination and BST monitor XENOSENSIV

Indoor temperature can reach 70 ° C

BST can reach 100 ° C

Full color multilingual user interface

Using an ultrasonic humidifier for relative humidity control (SEPAP MHE+)

Relative humidity range 10-95% (SEPAP MHE+)

60L integrated reservoir for sample spraying (SEPAP MHE+)

Applicable standards:

D27 3064

D27 5435

DIN EN 13206

DIN EN 16472

EN 50289-4-17

ISO 10640

NF C 32062-2

NF EN 13207

Precautions for xenon lamp aging testing machine:

Please remember the precautions for the xenon lamp aging test chamber, which can prevent machine malfunctions caused by improper human operation. Correct maintenance methods can extend the lifespan of the machine.

1. Installation site of xenon lamp aging testing machine

① The installation position should take into account the heat dissipation and the location that is easy to inspect and repair in daily life

② The distance between the machine and the wall should be at least 600mm or more.

③ Set on a flat and vibration free ground.

④ Choose well ventilated and avoid direct sunlight exposure.

⑤ This machine should be kept away from heat sources and flammable and explosive materials.

⑥ The power supply lines and drainage pipes should be shortened as much as possible.

⑦ Please choose a place with less dust and moisture and good ventilation for installation

2. Precautions for using xenon lamp aging testing machine:

① During operation, please do not open the box door unless necessary, as it may lead to adverse consequences.

② To provide local testing products and operator safety protection, please regularly check the water pressure controller and circulating water tank water level.

③ Only by correctly installing the wet bulb test cloth can the correct relative humidity be measured.

④ Please read this manual carefully before operating this machine.