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ATLAS SUNTEST XXL/XXL+Flat xenon lamp aging test chamber

Author: Released in:2024-05-07 Click:16

ATLAS SUNTEST XXL/XXL+Flat xenon lamp aging test chamber

ATLAS SUNTEST XXL/XXL+Flat xenon lamp aging test chamber

Atlas SUNTEST XXL+FD is a large flat panel xenon lamp aging tester. Designed specifically to meet the testing needs of the FMCG industry, including beverages, food, personal care, and home products. XXL+FD enables consumer goods manufacturers to conduct practical testing of their products in a short amount of time, typically with an acceleration factor between 10-30 times real-time. It is used to ensure the quality of stable product components, determine whether packaging materials are qualified, and help identify the shelf life of products.

Compliant with standards:

AATCC TM16-2004; AATCC TM169; ASTM C1442; ASTM D3424; ASTM D4303; ASTM D4355; ASTM D4459; ASTM D4798; ASTM D5071 ASTM D6551; ASTM D904 ASTM G151; ASTM G155; ISO 11341; ISO 11431; ISO 11979-5; ISO 18909; ISO 4049; ISO 4892-1; ISO 4892-2; ISO 7491; PV 3929; VW PV 3930

Applicable scope:

SUNTEST XXL+is a large flat xenon lamp aging test chamber. The 3000cm2 test chamber is suitable for high-capacity weathering tests on flat or 3D samples. The SUNTEST XXL+tester has all the features required for standard testing, which includes all common industrial weathering standards.

Product features:

1 x 1700W air-cooled xenon lamp;

3000cm2 exposed area;

Touch screen with color display, capable of displaying test parameters;

Directly set and control irradiance, with a wavelength range of 300-400nm/340nm or 420nm;

Directly set and control optional black standard BST (optional black panel);

Directly set and control the temperature inside the test chamber, display diagnostic information;

Store 10 user-defined testing methods;

International standard testing methods for predetermined procedures;

Multi language operation interface;

The control panel can be tilted, increasing operational comfort;

The temperature for testing and control inside the box is as high as 70 ℃;

Black standard testing and control temperature up to 100 ℃;

You can choose to control the temperature inside the box, or double control the temperature inside the box and the standard temperature of the blackbody to control the temperature;

Use a fan to control the temperature difference between the testing room and BST;

Using an ultrasonic humidification system to control humidity;

The sample spray system is a 60ml water reservoir;

Provide static and horizontal exposure area for flat or 3D samples;

The test chamber with an inclination of 5 ° is convenient for drainage after spray;

Provide a 3.0 x 2.5cm access port for additional external sensors that may be used inside the test chamber;

The optical box includes an aging resistant aluminum reflector, a coated quartz filter, and a slot for placing additional optical filters;

The Off switch can control the exposure amount, exposure time, and total operating time;

The automatic start function of;

The data output is via a memory card or RS232.

Optional configuration:

Sunlight filter

Filter settings "Solar ID 65"

Glass window filter

XenoTouch Add ons; Remote control, email service, online monitoring

The Suncal BB 300-400 BST sensor is used for measuring W/m? Calibration of radiation in the wavelength range of 300-400 nanometers and calibration of black label temperature in ° C


Irradiance calibration XenoCal sensor

XenoCal sensor calibrated by BST

Blackboard Thermometer (BPT)/Black Label Thermometer (BST)