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ATLAS Xenotest Alpha+Xenon Lamp Aging Test Machine

Author: Released in:2024-05-07 Click:18

ATLAS Xenotest Alpha+Xenon Lamp Aging Test Machine

ATLAS Xenotest Alpha+Xenon Lamp Aging Test Machine

Compliant with standards:

AATCC TM161998; AATCC TM169; ASTM D6695; ASTM G151; ASTM G155; GME 60292; GMW 3414; ISO 105B02; ISO 105B04; ISO 105B06; ISO 105B10; ISO 11341; ISO 12040; ISO 3917; ISO 48921; ISO 48922; ASO M346; M&S C9; M&S C9A; MILSTD 810F; PV 1303; PV 3929; SAE J2019; SAE J2212; VDA 75202; VW PV 3930

Applicable scope:

The Xenotest Alpha+testing machine is a compact and independent rotating xenon lamp aging testing machine with an exposed area of 1320cm2. It is connected to a complete set of parameter control devices. The use of rack mounted XENOSENSIV sensor technology allows for direct testing and control of irradiation levels and temperatures at the sample layer. Alpha+meets most industrial standards and sets a test benchmark with smaller tolerances. Due to its highly reliable performance, this testing machine is often chosen by research and development departments and commercial testing service organizations.

Product details:

Light source: 2200W air-cooled xenon lamp

Service life (1 solar standard): 1500 hours

Filter: replaceable inner and outer filters

Radiation control: 300-400nm automatic control

Light monitoring: Xenosensiv

Relative humidity control: automatic

Humidity range: 10-95%

Temperature control: automatic

Blackboard or black label temperature: BST 40-130 ° C

Simultaneously controlling BPT or BST and temperature inside the box: Standard (BST)

BPT/BST dual control: None

Sample holder type: single-layer

Exposure test area: 1320cm2 (205cm2)

Power supply: 230V ± 10%, 50/60Hz, (1, N, PE) AC or (2, PE) AC CEE (32A, 5-pole 6h)

HVAC-MJ/h (BTU/h) (large): 18.00MJ/h (17061BTU/h)

Compressed air: No need

Water flow rate:

Pressure: None

Humidification: Deionized water 0.033l/min

Sample spray: deionized water 0.7l/min

Sample holder spray: None

Dimensions (L x W x H): 90 x 78 x 180cm

Base: 290 x 280cm

Weight: 280kg (615lb)


XenoCal calibration sensor

Thermal printer

Black label/blackboard thermometer, white standard thermometer

Xenochrome filters: XC300, XC320

Absorption filter: 10 window glasses, 6 IR 1 UV, 7 IR, 4 IR 3 WG, 2 IR 5 WG

XenoCal NB 340 Ireland Sensor

Turning mode programmable