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Analysis of the Martindale test standard for abrasion resistance

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-03 Click:171

Analysis of Martindale Abrasion Resistance Test Standard (ISO 12947.2, GB/T 21196.2, ASTM D4966)

Place the round sample under the specified pressure and the standard friction cloth according to the Lissajous figure The web is used for frictional movement and the wear resistance is determined based on the total number of frictions.

Sample size ISO 12947-2, GB/T 21196.2, ASTM D4966 38 mm

Example installation: grinding table: felt, friction cloth (140 mm)

Example holder : ISO 12945-2, GB/T 21196.2, ASTM D4966 foam liner (fabric greater than 500 g/m2 does not need to be added), sample (38 mm)

ISO 12947-2

Endpoint of the test:

Complete break of at least two separate yarns in woven fabrics;

A hole in knitted fabrics

Surface of piled or cut pile fabrics The fluff is worn down to the bottom or the fluff falls from

0.5mm hole in the non-woven fabric

The coated fabric laysthe base fabric is exposed or the coating flakes off.

Wear test interval:

Test series

Estimated number of frictions when sample breaks

795 ± 7 g (12 kpa) workwear, home decor fabrics, bedding, industrial fabrics.

595±7g (9kpa) Apparel Home Textiles, Non Apparel Coated Fabrics

198±2g (3kpa) Apparel Coated Fabrics

ASTM D4966

12kPa Decorative Cloth

9kPa Apparel Fabric