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Analysis and Comparison of Martindale Pilling Test Standards

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-03 Click:145

Analysis and comparison of Martindale pilling test standard (ISO 12945.2, GB/T 4802.2, ASTM D4970)

Place the round sample under the specified pressure against the sample itself (or with the standard woolen cloth) is rubbed according to the trajectory of the Lissajous figure and judged after a certain number of rubs.

Large head grinding head: ISO 12945-2, GB/T 4802.2 140 mm

Large head grinding head: ASTM D4970 38 mm, 140 mm

Installation example : grinding table: felt, sample

Sample holder: ISO 12945-2, GB/T 4802.2 felt, sample

ASTM D4970 foam liner, sample (38 mm)

ISO 12945-2 Speed ​​for pilling test

Grapple by fabric type

Abrasive type

Load weight

Assessment stage

Number of turns

Upholstery fabric

When testing decorative fabrics and woven fabrics are loading blocks required and knitted fabrics are not required

ASTM D4970 Pilling Test: Assessment after rubbing for 100 revolutions


ISO 12945-2, GB /T 4802.2: Comparison between the post-test sample and the original sample

ASTMD4970: with standard cloth or sample card

Article source: Standard Group (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.