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Analysis of the experimental method of Martindale Pilling Test for Textiles

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-03 Click:139

The Martindale textile pilling method is a commonly used test method for textile companies. Different countries have different requirements for textile testing experiments and standards. The commonly used standards in my country are GB series, and European and American countries also have their own standards. , so what\'s the difference between them? Here Standard Group (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. you a simple analysis and comparison:

1. In the standard GB/T 4802.2-2008, the optional abrasives for non-decorative fabrics of woven and knitted fabrics are fabrics. It is itself abrasive or wool cloth, but due to the difference in the test results of the two abrasives, the test results are also different for different pilling times. Therefore, it is suggested that if the product standard selects this standard for the assessment test, the type of abrasive and the number of pilling rubs should be stated.

2. FZ/T 62005-2003 duvets en duvet covers, FZ/T 62007-2003 sheets, FZ/T 62009-2003 pillows and pillows all refer to GB/T 4802.2 Assess the pilling performance of the product. However, the three standards did not indicate the standard date when citing the method standard GB/T 4802.2, while the \"normative reference documents\" of the product standard clearly stated: the new version of the reference document without date applies to this standard. However, the old and new standards of GB/T 4802.2 have undergone major changes. The following table:

The above table shows that the new standard of GB/T 4802.2 does not matter There are large changes in the inner diameter of the fixture, the load quality, the trajectory of the movement and the number of rubs.In the new standard, there are six optional stages in the pilling classification stage, and the pilling times are not specified in the product standards of the above three bedding products, so the new standard in 2008 can not conduct experimental evaluation, however, if the number of friction and pilling is selected 1000 times according to the old standard of 1997 edition, the contact surface between the sample and the abrasive is different due to the difference in the area of the monsterarmature, and the load quality and motion curve are also different, so the experimental results are not comparable. The assessment indicators in product standards lose their meaning. Therefore, after the new standard of the 2008 edition replaces the old standard of the 1997 edition, the pilling of some product standards cannot be assessed. Improvements to these product standards are recommended.