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Analysis of RCA Paper Tape Abrasion Test Principle

Author: Released in:2021-05-18 Click:619

Abrasion resistance test of mobile phone, PDA, MP3, CD player, laptop and various surface coating samples for paper tape abrasion tester, load 275g, 175g.55g. Scroll the unoiled paper or tape to rub the sample and judge its abrasion effect under a certain number of revolutions. The paper tape abrasion tester has the function of stopping when the number of times is reached, and has the function of stopping when the paper breaks, which can reduce the wear resistance test error of the product test, and can save paper for customers when testing.

RCA tape abrasion tester RCA tape abrasion tester is equipped as follows:
1 One paper tape friction machine
2 One palm scale (used to weigh the load)
3 Magnifying glass with light (used to observe the condition of dhy3000 after friction)
4 Set of Allen Wrenches
5 Place two platforms
6 One level
7 Comes with five O-rings
8 Three weights, 175g, 55g, 275g
9 Two rolls of paper tape are included (one roll is installed on the new machine, for trial use)
10 One dust cover
11 One instruction manual in both Chinese and English

Working principle of paper tape abrasion tester:
① Use a special paper tape as the friction medium, with a fixed load acting on the friction head, the friction head drives the rotating paper tape through a fixed diameter roller and a constant speed motor, and continues to apply force to the surface of the sample until the surface is seen If the substrate has reached a certain degree of wear, the anti-friction function of the sample can be evaluated by the number of revolutions of the motor displayed on the counter.
②For the softer software material to reduce the load of 55g or 175g, two sample fixing methods can be selected, suitable for flat or 3D samples.
③With a light magnifying glass to check the counter to get the wear results, counting method: GD-7-IBB type with rotary mechanical counter, GD-7-IBB-CC type digital counter (LCD display, 0~999,999 can be set as needed Number of revolutions).
④The load is 55g, 175g, 275g (Note: the standard test load is 275g, and no weight reduction weight is added to the lever), two weight reduction weights are attached, and the test load can be reduced to 175g or 55g.

Matters needing attention of paper tape abrasion tester:
① The uniform sample is tested under the premise of different friction media, and the number of revolutions obtained will be very different. The use of a dedicated paper tape is the hub to ensure the reliability of the test data.
②Moisture-proof measures should be taken after unpacking and use to ensure that the test tape is in good condition.

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