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An article sharing with you the specific use of the hydrostatic pressure tester

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-10 Click:73

The hydrostatic pressure resistance tester is suitable for measuring the water penetration resistance of various waterproofed fabrics and non-woven products, such as canvas, geotechnical materials, tent fabrics and other materials . The instrument is integrated with high-precision pressure sensors, 16-bit A/D converters, low-voltage electromagnetic micropumps and other components. It has advanced technology, novel design and easy operation. The test data is displayed digitally and is small, high precision and automatic. Features include skinning, button navigation, sound and light prompts, and good reproducibility.

Now let\'s find out the specific use of the hydrostatic pressure tester:

1. Inside the water tank test water Apparatus Pour approximately 1200 ml of distilled water. Adjustthe test device\'s movable feet to keep the test device platform level.

2. Insert the pressure sensor, water level control and magnetic pump electromaplug of the test device into the socket behind the controller. First insert the three-core plug of the power cord into the power socket on the rear panel of the controller, then connect the power plug to the 220V power supply.

3. Turn on the power switch, turn on the power, and the “Ready” light will light up. Rate Selection: The boost rate can be selected based on standards or custom settings.

4. Turn the rotating handle of the testing device to the left to lift the triangular cover of the pressing fabric. After leveling the sample, turn the handle to the right to lower the triangular cover of the pressing cloth and tightenez the fabric. Sample. Close the water drain valve on the test device.

5. Press the [Start] button, the “Work” light turns on, and when the sample and the test hole are sealed, the test hole accumulates gradually water. pressure, and the sample is subjected to The hydrostatic pressure is displayed by the digital tube.

6. When the third water droplet appears on the sample, press the [Stop] button, the instrument returns to the “ready” state and the digital tube display value is locked. Save, the locked display value is the test result. Record the test results and turn on the water tap. Distilled water in the test hole is returned to the water tank.

7. Press the [Reset] button to release the locked display value and reset the instrument program. Remove the sample and proceed to testingt next.