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This article shares with you the working principle of the roller box fluffing and pilling instrument.

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Close-fitting knitted underwear generally requires functions such as comfort, softness, breathability, warmth and elasticity. In order to meet the above requirements, in recent years, in addition to using natural cotton fibers, knitted underwear has also used a large number of cellulose fibers with similar functions to cotton fibers. Nowadays, modal and synthetic fibers are mainly used.

The rolling box type pilling and pilling counter is mainly used for pilling or snagging caused by normal wear and tear. It is equipped with a special controller, optional standards and many other test speeds for testing, also equipped with a programmable 30 rpm reversing system. Today we will learn the working principle of the roller box lint and pilling tester. JHope this helps:

Put three samples of the same size in a standard cork container. In the box type pilling tester, the sample rolls into a cylinder with a stirring rod and rubs against other samples or the cylinder wall, causing pilling. Usually it is removed after free spinning at high speed for 30 minutes. After excess debris is vacuumed up with a vacuum cleaner, the pilling properties of the fabric are reported serially by comparison with the standard sample under standard visual conditions. Level 1 is the worst and level 5 is the worst. Level*, half-level authorized.

With the improvement of subsequent modal fiber knitting, dyeing and styling processes. Modal knitwear has been accepted by the majority of consumers. It is more comfortable, softer and breathable than cotton fiber knitted underwear.t is equivalent to thermally knitted cotton fiber products. Cotton knitted underwear will not produce pilling, but its comfort and softness are not as good as modal knitted underwear, so modal fiber is widely used in waist knitted underwear. average. Modal fiber knitting has the characteristics of soft, smooth, silky texture, comfortable fabric, good breathability and moisture absorption, silky luster and bright color.

The wet modulus of the fiber is high. During dyeing and finishing, the movement between fibers in hot water increases and the coefficient of friction increases. Under the double friction between the machine and the gray fabric, the increased hairiness of knitted fabrics can easily lead to pilling, making modal knitted underwear less comfortable to wear. Therefore, the pilling properties of the fiModal fiber must meet strict standards before it can be used in production and life.