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A brief introduction to wear-resistant and anti-pilling properties of textiles

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-03 Click:141

Wear-resistant and anti-pilling function
Textile fabrics are mainly fleece (such as sofa fabrics), which have high requirements for wear resistance and anti-pilling. After the special finishing technology of functional fabrics, the durability and anti-pilling performance after treatment can be effectively improved, and the effect is very significant. While maintaining the beautiful and generous effect of household items, the service life of household items is greatly extended.
Our production process complies with ISO12947 and ISO 12945.2 standards.

Functional fabrics wear-resistant anti-pilling function and properties:
Applicable fabrics:. It is suitable for fleece fabrics, natural fibers (such as cotton), mixed fibers (such as T/C), synthetic fibers (such as acrylic, polyester) and other fabrics without affecting their original style and breathability. Multifunctional Combination: It can be combined with other functions of somee functional fabrics: double-sided multi-purpose stacking, double-sided supernatural combination, single-sided multi-purpose stacking, so that the fabric has a variety of functional combinations to match Products used in different fields. For more information, click to contact us.

Special effect of finishing:
The finished fabric has excellent washability and is currently in the leading position of comparable processing in the market.
After processing the fleece products, the style and feel of the fleece does not change.
The finished products are free of harmful substances and environmentally friendly.

Without compromising breathability
The wear-resistant and anti-pilling products on the market are all produced by filling, which means that the fabric cannot have a single-sided effect, nor can the fabric achieve double-sided The function of the opposite sex, and in the productprocess, it is finally dehumidified and liquid dried by rolling and then dried. It will destroy the physical properties and feel of the fabric itself and cannot be processed on fabrics with higher requirements. Functional fabrics subvert the traditional filling process through innovative foam technology and perfectly guarantee the original physical properties and texture of fabrics.
Functional fabrics provide customers with the best wear-resistant and anti-pilling functional finish of fabrics in the market with excellent and leading technology and strict service attitude. For more information, click to contact us

Common wear-resistant and anti-pilling function products applied:
Wear-resistant and anti-pilling fabric products are widely used: such as sofa release, pillow , cushions, high-quality curtains, clothing, tablecloths, piano cloth, etc.