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YG(B)511-IV Roll Box Pilling Tester Brand New

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-02 Click:135

YG(B)511-IV Rolling Box Pilling Tester

【Scope Application】

YG(B)511-IV Rollbox Pilling Tester is used for pilling most fabrics (more suitable for wool fabrics) under light pressure. Determination of the abrasion resistance of fine books, cotton, hemp and spun silk fabrics.

【Related Standards】

GB/T4802.3, ISO12945-1, JIS L1076, IWS TM152, BS5811, etc.

【Test mode】

Put the fabric sample on the sample tube and shape it into a square shape lined with rubber cork with a certain coefficient of friction Roll the wooden box a certain number of paint, compare with the standard photo and evaluate the pilling degree

YG(B)511-IV Rolling Box Pilling Tester【Technical Parameters】

1. Number of pilling boxes: 4

2. Box speed: 60 rpm

3. test redation number: 1~99999, (LED display)

4. External dimensions: 780 × 430 × 500mm

5. Power supply: AC220V, 90W

【Relevant wear resistance ball products]

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Box type pilling ball method (4 boxes)----YG(B)511-IV rolling box pilling tester

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Martindale Method (4 or 6 digits)---YG(B)401D Automatic Fabric Surface Grinding Tester

Circle Track Method--YG(B)502 Fabric Pilling Tester

Grinding Wheel Abrasion Test--YG(B)522 Abrasion Tester (TABER Abrasion)