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YG(B)511-II Roller Type Pilling Tester Brand new

Author: Released in:2023-02-23 Click:17

YG(B)511-II Rolling Box Pilling Tester

【Scope of Application】

YG(B)511-II Rollbox Pilling Tester is used for fabrics (especially wool knitted fabrics) without pressure. The following pilling degree test.

【Related Standards】

GB/T4802.3, ISO 12945.1, BS5811, JIS L1076, IWS TM152, etc.

【Test mode】

Put the fabric sample on the sample tube and shape it into a square shape lined with rubber cork with a certain coefficient of friction Roll up the wooden box as many times as as indicated, compare with the standard sample and evaluate the degree of pilling

YG(B)511-II Rolling Box Pilling Tester 【Technical Parameters】

1. Number of pilling boxes: 2 pieces

2. Box size: 235×235×235mm

3. Box speed: 60 ±2r /min

4. Count range: 1~99999 times

5. sample loaderear: shape Φ30×140 mm 4 pcs/carton

6 , power supply: AC 220V±10% 50Hz 120W

7, dimensions: 1260×560×580mm

8, Weight: 60Kg