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Xenon Lamp Aging Test Chamber Humidifier

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-08 Click:93

The xenon lamp aging test chamber is an important way to screen formulas and optimize product components in scientific research and production, and is also an important experimental instrument for testing of product quality. Application materials such as coatings, plastics, aluminum-plastic panels and automotive glass should be tested for weatherability. Our company qisnun Precision Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. can provide it. Customers in need are encouraged to inquire. The R&D engineer will describe the xenon lamp aging test chamber configuration for customer reference.

The humidifier is the main part of the xenon lamp aging test chamber to produce the humid vaporizer, including the following parts:

The heating tube is themain source of heat to generate water vapor, which can be heated according to the needs of the equipment to vaporize the water into vapor required by the equipment.

The insulation shell keeps the heated water warm, reduces water heat loss, makes humidity control more stable, responds faster, and at the same time, better supports and fixes the water level switch of the heater, etc. The humidifier adopts fully automatic. water supply, stable and beautiful.

Refrigeration part: The compressor adopts an imported compressor unit, and each unit has an anti-counterfeiting code, which can be checked through the Internet.

Refrigeration auxiliary parts: air-cooled coil condenser, finned multi-stage evaporator, cooling control accessories, etc.

Refrigerant: Environmentally friendly refrigerant is used.

Circuit design: themain electrical components adopt \"Delixi\" brand, and the controller adopts imported microcomputer control touch screen controller, which has high sensitivity and programming function.

Protection functions: compressor overcurrent and overheating protection, fan on overcurrent and overheating protection, humidifier water shortage and boil dry protection, abnormal protection from the water tank water supply, box overheating alarm, when the above faults are detected, it will automatically shut down and sound and light alarm, \"protective grounding\" equipment and others protective measures.

As an enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales, training and service, Shanghai Fanbiao Textile Testing Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to providing more test instruments to the market, providinglong-term use of textile, leather, combustion test instruments, automotive interior materials, environmental weather aging, masks and protective clothing, etc., can also accept non-standard customization. Before purchase, we can carry out targeted tests according to customer requirements to ensure that the instruments purchased are suitable.