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Wyzenbeek tester – Wyzenbeek abrasion tester

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-03 Click:145

Complies with standards:
ASTM D3597, ASTM D4157, FED-STD 191/5304, SAE J948, SAE J1530, GM 2756M, Toyota TSL 5101G 3.9.4, LP-463KC-04-01, LP -463KB -06-01

Scope of application:
The Wyzenbeek tester is equipped with 4 test positions to measure the degree of soiling and wear on the surface of textile or leather.

Product details:
The instrument is easy to operate, and each sample is run under a certain voltage and pressure. The securely fixed sample is subjected to the friction of the friction material clamped on the oscillating cylinder, and the running speed of the friction material is adjusted by the variable speed controller on the control panel. During the test, enter the test cycle through the counter on the panel. The vacuum cleaner is installed on the instrument, and the two grooved vacuum cleaner tubes are installed on the friction cylinder. A large amount of air on the friction surface is sucked into the vacuum cleanergen to remove lint and dust that are generated on the surface during the friction process.

Instrument features:
1. Modern ergonomic design;
2. The suction device is connected to the auxiliary vacuum cleaner;
3. The closed transmission ensures silent operation.

Technical parameters:
1. Test head: 4 groups;
2. Friction table: arc surface-R100mm, length-400mm;
3. Swing arc: 76 ±2 mm;
4. Friction speed: 90±1 /min (double friction);
5. Tension adjustment weight: 340g (the force applied to the sample can be adjusted from 4.45 to 26.7N) ;
6. Load adjustment weight: 150g (adjusted from 4.45 to 15.575N);
7. Sample tension: 17.8N (adjustable);
8. Sample load: 13.4 N (adjustable) ;
9. Sponge rubber pressure pad: 50×50mm(±1mm);
10. Instrument material: stainless steel;
11. Surface treatment: spray paint;
12 Sample size: 245×73 mm;
13. Total size: 50×50×60cm (length×width×height);
14. Weight: 75kg;
15. Power supply: 220 V, 50 Hz, 0.05 A.

Accessories and consumables:
Rubber pads (8 pcs/pack)
Metal Mesh - Wyzenbeek (4 pcs/pack)
Standard Sandpaper #10 Cotton Canvas - 60in x 5m
Fine sandpaper, rubber cleaning pad
Nylon brush, medium-soft bristles