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Why Do Diesel Generator Sets Detect False Loads

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-06 Click:153

As an emergency power supply after power failure, the diesel generator set is mostly in standby status. Once a power outage or mains failure occurs, the standby diesel generator set plays a vital role. However, we often find that there is a problem with the performance of the diesel generator set after the power failure, which shows that many users do not pay enough attention to the knowledge of the AC dummy load used for detection. and maintenance. of diesel generators.

In order to effectively avoid accidents, strengthen the daily inspection and maintenance of diesel generator sets, establish a comprehensive procedure for the inspection and maintenance of diesel generator sets, and regularly maintain the generator sets diesel. Very important. This article will focus on common technical difficulties in the process ofpower supply maintenance.

1. Why do you need to perform AC dummy load for diesel generator set inspection and maintenance?nce?

1. Detect diesel generator set load

, can detect unbalanced load capacity of diesel generator set, ensure steady-state voltage regulation rate, steady-state frequency regulation rate, transient voltage regulation frequency, recovery time voltage, transient frequency regulation rate, frequency recovery time, diesel power generation Unit continues to run and check.

2. UPS detection

Output voltage unbalance, output voltage regulation accuracy, overload capability, dynamic voltage transient range, switching time utility battery power, backup time, bypass inverter switching time.

2.The main functions of AC dummy load for diesel generator set detection and maintenance

1. Query function

Query diesel generator set abnormal record and query production diesel power Crew inspection data.

2. Online communication

The detector can be connected to the upper computer through the RS232/RS485 interface.

3. Intelligent control and data processing function

(1) Data transfer: After the test is completed, the collected data can be transferred to the U disk;

(2) Online monitoring of DUT parameters;

(3) Data processing software function: data processing software is used together with the detector . Detection parameters can be set to analyze and process various electrical parameters, working status and ano recordsrmals detected by the detector; smart query, graph display and printing.

(4) By setting the parameters of the detection equipment, automatic detection can be realized.

4. Parallel function

Products of the same model can be paralleled. The device is equipped with a RS485 digital parallel interface, which is controlled by the host and saves the detection process.

5. Stop protection function

The AC dummy load for the detection and maintenance of diesel generator sets is based on the general AC dummy load and load box. phase, over-under-voltage and other protection parameters, after the parameters detected by the device. If the set parameters are exceeded, the equipment will issue an alarm and automatically shut down for protection.