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What is the principle of interpretation of the float trap?

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-06 Click:175

The principle of the float trap is similar to that of a home toilet. There is a float ball in the ball valve and the opening and closing of the trap is controlled by lifting the float.

2.5MP refers to the pressure the trap can withstand, and if the pressure exceeds the pressure, the trap may be damaged.

Float traps use the principle of buoyancy to discharge and close.

It must form a leverage moment for the gravity of the float, the force of the fluid, the buoyancy of the condensed water, the height of the water seal and the valve seat when the design;

Therefore, the float trap can effectively prevent steam leakage and discharge high temperature condensed water, and effectively recycle and recycle condensed water.

The size of the float is essentially related to the displacement of the trap, the more the displacementcement is important, the larger the float, and the size of the float also determines the volume of the trap;

That is, the larger the bigger the float, the bigger the volume of the trap;

Only Japanese TLV has free float patent in the world, but lever float steam trap like this one ci basically follows this principle;

As for the domestic imitation of the Japanese free float, such as the factory 920, it also looks like this.

The structure and working principle of the free float ball trap is very simple, but it is really not easy to do it well.

The key is the precision of the floating ball, the precision of the valve seat, the precision of the processing of the valve hole and the position of the fulcrum.

The roundness of the high-precision ground float must be guaranteed within 4/1000, and the processing is indeed difficult; the structure is presented so far in the form of three support points.

As for the \"original y-type\" theory, I don\'t know where it comes from. Maybe the \"original y-type\" you refer It should be an automatic air-cooling device, a floating ball trap There are three types of extraction devices;

They are membrane box type, bimetallic sheet type and manual type, and the code names should be \'B, X, L\' respectively. Cassette type auto exhaust device;

Bimetal type auto exhaust device is used in high pressure occasions; the manual exhaust device does not distinguish between high and low pressure, and is economical and practical.