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Interpretation of related work introduction of screw air compressor system

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-06 Click:165

The screw air compressor system mainly consists of four systems: suction system, cooling and lubrication system, control system and exhaust system.

The exhaust system consists of an oil-gas separator, a small pressure valve, an aftercooler, a drain valve and lines for connection.

The compressed oil-air mixture enters the oil-air separator through the exhaust check valve for separation. The separation enters the gas supply line.

The air compressor divides the working cycle of the screw air compressor into four stages:

Suction, sealing, compression and exhaust . As the rotor rotates, each pair of meshing teeth successively performs the same work cycle.

1. Inhalation process - the rotor passes through the inlet and the air is sucked into the main engineipal from the axial direction.

2. Closed process - After the rotor passes through the inlet, a certain volume of air is sealed in the compression cavity formed by the two rotors.

3. Compression and Discharge——As the rotor spins, the volume in the compression chamber continually decreases and the air pressure increases.

4. Exhaust process - air reaches the outlet at the other end to complete compression.

During daily maintenance, five points are often encountered:

1. The air compressor cannot start;

2. Air compressor stops with load;

3. Air compressor cannot reach air supply pressure required;

4 . The pipeline pressure is higher than the set value of the relief pressure;

5. Frequent loading and unloading.

Perform a defect analysison the air compressor thermal control angle and draw the following conclusions:

1. Temperature original component failure, small pressure damage, adjustment of the pressure 2. Loading and unloading solenoid valve, vent valve;

3. Loading and unloadingAding solenoid valve, pressure regulating device, small pressure valve.