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What is the latest configuration and meaning of sanitary emergency clothing?

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:23

The public health emergency equipment reserve includes: emergency clothing, personal portable equipment, emergency equipment box, disaster relief tent, knapsack manual sprayer, generator, camp bed, multi-purpose tool box, etc. 56 kinds of materials. To achieve \"professional management, support for urgent needs and special items for special use\", it is guaranteed that once an incident occurs, it can be used in the shortest possible time in the form of emergency physical objects.

Among them, emergency clothing is one of the most important emergency supplies, which is of great importance for the country\'s relief work. set of clothes, and second, which is uniform in design and composition.

The latest version of emergency clothing is the latest version of 2011, which includes the following: a set of winter clothes is a jacket, pants and fleece liner (the fleece liningg is removed for spring and fall clothes), a summer suit consists of a shirt, a crew neck shirt and trousers, a waistcoat, a hatband belt and boots.

Emergency clothing has a uniform meaning. Its unity is a social symbol and image symbol for the country, associations and individuals. The overall standardization and standardization of the team can also improve the efficiency of emergency work to some extent and maintain the safety of the rescuers themselves.