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ATOS proportional valve QVKZOR-A-10/65 Italian original

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:20

ATOS proportional flow control valve QVKZOR-A-10/65 Italian original

ATOS proportional flow control valve has high control sensitivity, safety and reliability, easy debugging, long service life, high flow rate The control valve can automatically realize the flow balance of the system without external power supply.

The flow rate is limited by keeping the pressure difference between the front and back of the flow plate (fixed orifice), so it can also be called a flow restrictor. The purpose of the constant flow valve is flow, which can lock the amount of water flowing through the valve, not the resistance balance. He can solve the problem of dynamic imbalance of the system: in order to maintain the efficient operation of a single refrigerator, boiler, cooling tower, heat exchanger and other equipment, it is necessary to control the flow rate of these equipment to establish the nominal value ; from the perspective ofat the end of the system, to avoid dynamics Regulated interactions also require flow limitation at the end device or branch.

The flow control of the ATOS proportional valve can be divided into two types. The first kind is that the shift control is fully open or fully closed. Electromagnetic pass-through valve, electromagnetic reversing valve, electric wave reversing valve. The other is continuous control: the valve gate can be opened as needed for any opening, controlling the flow rate. This type of valve is manually operated, like a throttle valve, and also electronically controlled, like a proportional valve and a unified valve.

The purpose of using proportional valves or co-serving valves is to achieve throttling control of the flow by electronic control (of course, pressure control can also be realized after structural changes). Since it is throttle control, there must be energy loss. The verseThe difference between the service valve and other valves is that the energy loss is greater, because it needs a certain current to maintain the work of the pre-stage control oil circuit.


Maximum set flow rate [L/min]: 90

Small set flow rate (1) [cm3/min]: 100

Adjust p [bar]: 10-12

A port large flow [L/min]: 100

Upper limit pressure [bar]: 210

Response time o 100% step signal (2) [ms]: 35

Hysteresis [% of specified maximum flow rate: ≤0.5

Linearity [% of maximum flow rate regulation]: ≤0.5

Repeatability [% of specified maximum flow rate]: ≤0.1

Thermal Drift: Zero point displacement <1% at T=40℃

QVHZO -A- 06/3



QVHZO-AE-06/3/ I 10


QVHZO-T-06/12 31

QVHZO-T-06/3 31/WG

QVHZO-TE-06/18 40

QVHZO-TE-06/18/I 40

QVHZO-TE-06/3 40

QVKMZOR-A-10/90 /210/18


QVKZOR-AE-10/90 10

QVKZOR-AES-BC-10/65 10


QVKZOR-TE-10/65 20

QVKZOR- TE-10/65/F 20


QVZO-A-20/2-L4/18/V 20

QVZO-A-20/2-S4 30




QVHZO-AE-06/3 10


QVZO-A- 20/2-L4/18/V 20


QVHZO-TE-06/18 40

QVHZO-TE-06/18 /I 40

QVHZO-TE-06/3 40

ATOS proportional valve QVKZOR- A-10/65 Italian original