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What is Textile Testing

Author:QINSUN Released in:2018-07 Click:1140


When you put on clothing, you want it to feel good against your skin. And you don't want it to contain harmful substances. But how to we ensure textiles are safe? Textile companies and consumer agencies conduct many kinds of analyses to make sure our clothes and the fabrics we use in our homes won't harm us, will be comfortable and will stay colorful for a long time. These processes are called textile testing.

Textile testing is the term for a whole series of tests that examine the physical, mechanical and chemical properties of textiles. These tests are sometimes done before a textile goes into widespread use, or they're done on textiles arriving from other countries for sale in US markets. Countries like the United States have established standards for what should and should not be in textile products. Tests can show whether companies making textiles are in compliance
or not.

Why do such tests? They can ensure that a given textile is what a manufacturer or importer says it is. Sometimes, testing is done while textiles are being manufactured, to identify problems or faults in the machinery making them, and to double-check that materials being used for a specific textile are appropriate.