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What is the item of plastic pipe testing

Author: Released in:2018-07-26 Click:899

Now, there are a lot of manufacturers have to buy plastic pipe testing machines, but most of them are not very clear that what's the items should be testing. Today we will give a brief introduction to this.

The first is the testing of plastic pipe raw material. There are four basic indexers, its melt index, HDT Vicat, impact test and strength test. There are also some other items including carbon black content recommendation, carbon black dispersion, the plastic component analysis, environmental aging resistance test, the oxygen index and hardness. To test these items, QC department must be equipped with special testing equipment.

Followed by testing plastic pipe, including hydrostatic pressure , pipe transmittance, ring stiffness , strength, notched tension constant , full notch creep, pipe impact test, thermal cycling, environmental stress-cracking , pipe resistance to rapid crack propagation test (RCP). The falling weight impact test and the ring stiffness are basic testing item for plastic pipe testing, the stability of the mechanical properties is very important in the project, and also due to the widely application of plastic pipe, they are also increasingly the request on its strength. So most factories and lab has request on plastic pie raw materials and plastic pipe testing.

In addition to test the strength of plastic pipe, hydrostatic pressure testing and environmental stress-cracking testing is also very important. Unlike furniture and other products, plastic pipes are often used in outdoor environments, of course it's used indoors, they must often working in some special circumstances, such as water, soil and concrete. This requires that they have the qualities to resist the erosion of these harsh environments so that you can use for a long time.