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What are the wear-resistant machines used in the metal industry معدات اختبار

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Product introduction

The wear machine can test the wear caused by collision or friction between metals. Evaluate the abrasion resistance of its products through wear tests, such as measuring mass loss, thickness loss and light transmission.

In general, the types of wear-resistant machines include single-wheel wear-resistant machine, double-wheel wear-resistant machine, linear wear-resistant machine, five-finger scraping wear-resistant machine, etc.


Double/single grinding wheel wear machine:

Simulate real conditions of use or achieve test conditions specified in the standard

- A variety of different wear media and accessories can be selected for different tests

- Yes Repeat the test on the same point ofa material, the thickest material about 0.5" is damaged or worn

- Two speeds can be set (60, 72 rpm), 0-50000 rpm (100 , 500, 1000 or 2500 rpm can be set quickly) and 3 types of loads.

Five-finger scraper and wear-resistant machine:


It is designed based on the standard technical requirements of the automotive industry

The test specimen is used in the compressed air driven test on the platform fixed.The scraper fingers with five independent axes can be replaced with different weights and optional scraper fingers, which constantly work vertically on the surface of the test sample.The scraper fingers are installed on a hard stand, and the operator can use the bracket to make the specified. The scraper finger is mounted in a balanced position, so samples with irregular widths can also be tested.


The accessories for the wear machine application are as follows:

Controller control

Five-axis wipers with Weights

Nine weight settings (2N, 3N, 4.5N, 5N, 6N, 7N, 10N , 15N, 20n)

Interchangeable Scrapers Scratch and Scratch Tool

Strong Spring Specimen Grip

Removable deck protector