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What are the principles and characteristics of the cold chain temperature recorder?

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-05 Click:119

With the continuous development of industrial technology, temperature-sensitive products such as vaccines, biological agents and pharmaceuticals are being processed, stored, transported and sold;

It is necessary to monitor each process Temperature parameters in the cold chain are recorded and monitored to ensure product quality. This is the cold chain system.


The domestic cold chain logistics loss is very large, and the main factors are late hardware facilities and imperfect management quality control.

In cold chain logistics quality control management, temperature is the key point, too high or too low will lead to deterioration.

For the needs of real-time monitoring and traceability of temperature data, a temperature recorder of the chate the cold is necessary.

The cold chain of medicines consists of four aspects: frozen processing, frozen storage, refrigerated transportation and distribution, and frozen sales, and problems are likely to occur in transportation refrigerated and the distribution link.

Refrigerated transport and distribution of drugs requires the temperature to be maintained in the range of 2-8°C, and the lag of the original monitoring technology is a big bottleneck of technical strangulation.

In order to ensure the realization of temperature monitoring in the refrigerated transport and distribution of drugs, and to address the shortcomings of poor real-time performance, the disconnection of supervision and difficulty in defining responsibilities;

Special A cold chain temperature logger which can realize automatic storage of temperature data anda non-contact reading is designed, i.e. a cold chain temperature logger.

Hardware system working principle

Cold chain temperature recorder program is mainly composed of initialization function sensor, initialization function M24LR64, sensor configuration function and sensor data reading function, temperature data processing function and program writing M24LR64.

At the beginning of the program, you must set the I2C baud rate, declare the address of the sensor and the M24LR64, and the start address of the data written by the M24LR64.

The sensor configuration function mainly performs ADC output data digits (9, 10, 12) and sensor mode configuration (off, single shot).

Features of Cold Chain Temperature Logger

1. Smallsize, beautiful appearance, simple operation, reliable performance, affordable price and long service life.

2. The power consumption of the whole machine is low:

The whole machine of the recorder is Powered by a built-in high-energy lithium battery (coin cell), and the battery life is long (depending on usage up to more than one year).

3. The software is powerful and easy to view data. The data recorded by the logger can be converted into graph, WORD or EXCEL documents for viewing;

It can also print graphs or reports, or save the data to Access format and the database can save data for several years.

4. The recording time interval can be continuously adjusted from 10 seconds to 24 hours, which is very convenient.

5. Tempera datature recorded cannot be changed, which can provide strong investigative evidence and claim evidence in the event of a problem with the vaccine.