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Interpretation of principle and characteristics of rubber rotorless vulcanizer

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-05 Click:61

The rubber rotorless vulcanizer is a widely used instrument in the rubber processing industry for rubber quality control, rapid inspection and basic rubber research; Parameters such as scorch time, positive cure tester time, cure index and minimum torque are displayed.

We present below the principle and the characteristics of the rubber vulcanizer without rotor to help you better understand this equipment.

Principle of rubber rotorless vulcanizer:

Place the rubber sample in an almost completely closed mold cavity and hold it at the temperature test. The mold cavity has upper and lower parts;

The lower part moves back and forth with a small linear motion (oscillating oscillation), and the oscillation brings the sample to generateer a shear stress, and the reaction rotation of the specimen toward the mold cavity is measured. Moment (force), the magnitude of this torque (force) depends on the shear modulus of the compound.

After the start of the vulcanization test, the shear modulus of the sample increases, and the computer displays and records the torque (force) in real time;

When the torque (force) increases to a stable value or a maximum value or even returns to the state, a curve of torque (force) against time is obtained, that is, say that the shape of the vulcanization curve is related to the temperature of the test and the properties of the rubber.

Features of Rubber Rotorless Vulcanizer

1. This instrument adopts imported intelligent digital temperature controller, which has high control precision and is easy to adjust and adjust, the temperature control range is wide;

It can be measured within ±0.1°C, it takes only 15 minutes to heat from room temperature to 300°C, and it can reach the set temperature in about one minute after switching on. sample value.

2. The microprocessor uses high quality imported chips with reliable performance. It can collect the torque sensor signal in real time, convert and process it, and print the torque-time curve;

It can also communicate With the interface of the intelligent digital temperature controller, print the temperature-time curve continuously from the display value of the temperature controller, and print three curves on a graph at the same time, so that the user can It\'s clear at a glance.

3. The rubber rotorless vulcanizing system is designed with a farm microprocessor start motor rotation lock functionmold door-closure ture.

When the plexiglass door is not closed, the system does not close the mold and the microprocessor does not start (the motor does not rotate), which is safe and reduces the personnel influence operating factors, ensuring that the test results are consistent.

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