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Weather Station Wind Direction Monitoring Equipment

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:114

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Product Introduction

Shandong Vientiane Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. Enterprise is committed to the promotion and application of micro-meteorological instruments and environmental meteorological solutions. With a complete production chain, strong technical team and comprehensive marketing team, we have developed and produced ultrasonic anemometers, five element microweather instruments, six element micrometeorometers and small automatic weather stations and other meteorological products, which are widely used in meteorological monitoring, urban environmental monitoring, wind power generation, marine vessels, aviation airports, bridges and tunnels, etc., have customers all over the country and achieved good social and economic benefits.

Compared with traditional miniature weather instruments, our products overcome the need for high-precision timers and avoid measurement errors caused by delays in opstarting of sensors, delays in demodulation circuits and temperature changes.

The WX-WQX9 nine-element micro-meteorological instrument innovatively monitors air temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, atmospheric pressure, optical rainfall, total irradiance, PM2.5 and PM10 through a highly integrated structure , it can realize 24-hour continuous online monitoring of outdoor meteorological parameters, and send nine parameters to the user at the same time through the digital communication interface. The product is compact in structure, beautiful in appearance, generous and highly integrated.


Product Features

1. The ultrasonic probe is hidden in the top cover, avoiding the interference of rain and snow accumulation and preventing natural wind blocking

2. The principle is emission Ultrasonic signal with continuously variable frequency, detect wind speed and direction by relative phase tMeasure e

3. Wind speed, wind direction, temperature, humidity, air pressure, optical rainfall, total radiation, PM2.5, PM10 all-in-one with nine elements

4. Using of advanced detection technology, real-time measurement, no start-up wind speed☆

5. Strong anti-interference ability, with watchdog circuit, automatic reset function, to ensure stable system operation

6. Highly integrated, no moving parts, no wear and tear

7. Maintenance free, no on-site calibration

8. ASA engineering plastics are used all year round for outdoor applications without fading

9. Product design output The standard signal is RS485 communication interface (MODBUS protocol), optional 232, USB, Ethernet interface, support real-time data readout☆

10. Optional wireless transmission module, the minimum transmission interval is 1 minute

11. The probe is a snap-on design, sowhich solves the problem of inaccurate loosening during transportation and installation☆


Technical parameters

1. Wind speed (default configuration): range: 0~60m/s, resolution 0.01 m/s, accuracy: ± 0.1 m/s

2. Wind direction (default configuration): range : 0~360° Resolution: 1° Accuracy: ±2°

3 Air Temperature (Standard Configuration): Range: -40-60°C Resolution: 0.01°C Accuracy: ± 0.3°C (25°C)

4. Humidity (Standard Configuration): Range: 0 -100%RH Resolution: 0.01%RH Accuracy: ±3%RH

5. Atmospheric Pressure (Standard Configuration): Range: 30-110Kpa Resolution 0.01Kpa Accuracy: ±0.25%

6. PM2.5 (default configuration): Range: 0-1000ug/m³; Resolution 1ug/m³, 10% (<500 micrograms)

7. PM10 (standard configuration): range: 0-1000ug/m³, resolution 1ug/m³, accuracy: ±10% (<500 micrograms) < /p>

8. Optical rain gauge (standard configuration): range: 0-4mm/min, resolution 0.01mm, accurateid: ≤±4%

9. Total irradiance (standard configuration) : range: 0 -1800W/m2 resolution 1W/m³ accuracy: <±3%

10. Other optional elements : piezoelectric rainfall, TSP, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, ozone, illuminance, noise, carbon dioxide, oxygen content, hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen, chlorine, ammonia, hydrogen chloride, hydrogen cyanide, hydrogen fluoride, phosphine, chlorine dioxide, ethylene oxide, nitric oxide, hydrogen peroxide, tetrahydrothiophene, formaldehyde, VOC, catalytic combustion combustible gas

11. Power: 0.84W

12. The whole machine has obtained a provincial calibration certificate

13. The manufacturer is 3A Level credit enterprise


product structure diagram

1. Optical rain, total radiation sensor

2. Control circuit

3. North arrow

4. Ultrasonic wind speed, worientation

5 .Blind box PM2.5, PM10

6. Temperature, humidity, air pressure monitoring position

7. Bottom fixed flange