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Water washing color fastness tester

Author: Released in:2024-03-25 Click:15

Water washing color fastness tester

Water washing color fastness tester

Used for various textiles that are resistant to washing and dry cleaning. It is also used for testing the color fastness performance of dyes. This instrument tests the color fastness of water washing using an intelligent controller that can adjust the temperature, time, heating rate, and is equipped with a loading/unloading device for water inlet valves, drainage valves, and steel cups. Interchangeable 550-ML washing steel cup and 1200ML washing cup rotating turntable. Equipped with a programmer, it can automatically select AATCC, ISO, and other testing methods. And display their respective parameters. Select one of the last three tests and select the user-defined program.

Applicable standards:

AATCC28,61,86132; ISO 105; N&S C4A, 5,37, P3B, C10A; BS1006; IWSTM7115177193199240241; NEXT 2,3,5

Main technical indicators:

1. Sample cup volume: 550mL (1200ml) x 12 pieces/24 pieces

2. Rotating frame speed: 40r/min ± 2r/min

3. Motor: 180W 380V

4. Drainage pump power: 30W

5. Heating power of the studio: 1500W × 3

6. Heating power of preheating chamber: 1000W × 3

7. Pre set time: 0.1min -999.9min

8. Power supply: three-phase four wire 380V ± 10% 50Hz

9. Volume: 940mm x 610mm x 1000 mm

10. Weight: 128Kg