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Firematic commercial dry cleaning machine

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Firematic commercial dry cleaning machine

Firematic commercial dry cleaning machine

Firimatic from Italy is a major global manufacturer of dry cleaning machines, with a 70% market share in the global dry cleaning machine market. Firmat relies on its strong technological research and innovation capabilities to produce the world's best commercial dry cleaning machines, industrial fur degreasers, and metal surface cleaning systems. We are a professional manufacturer that has adopted a digital production model to produce dry cleaning machines to date. We use modern digital equipment to process and produce more advanced dry cleaning machines for our customers. Firematic upholds its consistent quality and comprehensive service system, and has won praise from global customers for its green, environmentally friendly, and high-quality products and services. It has become a well-known equipment supplier for hotel management groups and all large dry cleaning chain companies worldwide.

The multiple series of tetrachloroethylene and hydrocarbon dry cleaning machines produced and manufactured by Firematic can provide customers with world-class dry cleaning equipment. Feima Dike's exquisitely skilled and high-quality dry cleaning machines all comply with strict international environmental standards. The dry cleaning machines of the three major brands under the Italian FMB Group, Firematic, Realstar, and Union, have entered the Chinese market for over 20 years and have sold over 800 machines.

912S type, 12kg (12lb) standard dry cleaning machine, designed according to international testing standards, recommended by multiple fabric processing manufacturers for durability and shrinkage testing. This instrument is equipped with a microcomputer control system with manual braking function, patented thermal cycle technology, environmentally friendly drying system, and self-cleaning solvent cylinder. Configure electric heating or steam heating devices according to user requirements.

Built in air compressor, requires the use of cold water, drainage system, and three-phase power supply.

Compliant with standards:

BS EN ISO 3175, M+S P66+67, AATCC 158