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Water purity requirements for water cooled xenon lamp aging tester

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-08 Click:104

The requirements for using the water-cooled xenon lamp aging tester are much higher than those of the air-cooled xenon lamp aging test chamber. A pure water machine is required, while the air-cooled xenon lamp aging test chamber can be sprayed with tap water. Our engineer qisnun said, what is the water purity requirement for water cooled xenon lamp aging tester? The water produced by the pure water machine is mainly used to cool the lamp tube. If the water quality is not good, scale will be generated, which will affect the irradiance of the lamp tube.

1. Deionized water is required for the lamp tube cooling water, and tap water cannot be used without permission. High conductivity water will damage the lamp when the lamp is trippede. Water inlet temperature should be lower than 35°C, because too high water temperature will shorten xenon lamp life, so if using circulating water No system Lost cold water and a filtration system are also required to ensure water quality due to secondary pollution caused by cooling.

2. The water used for spraying and humidifying the water-cooled xenon lamp aging test box should also be distilled water. If ordinary tap water is used on the sample surface, white substances will appear on the sample surface, which cannot reach the irradiation level. Purpose, this substance is called calcium and magnesium crystals produced after the evaporation of water impurities, so this part requires the use of distilled water to ensure the consistency of radiation and achieved the objective of the test.

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