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The solution to xenon lamp weather resistance aging test chamber sealing air leakage

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-08 Click:27

The air leakage of the sealing material of the weather resistance test chamber of the xenon lamp will cause the temperature fluctuation of the equipment and affect the accuracy of the test data. In order not to affect the course of the test, the xenon lamp aging problem of the sealing material of the test box should be dealt with in time. The technical engineer of qisnun Precision Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. gave the following explanation about the solution, hoping to help every customer.

Every xenon lamp weather resistance test chamber will encounter a problem after long-term use, that is, the door is not tightly closed. What is the so-called bad door seal? The long sealing ring behind the door of the xenon lamp aging test chamber is aging and deformed, or due to installation, opening and ironing.careless measurement of the door, vibration transport, resulting in local bumps on the door seal, deformation and gas overflow.

Gently open the soft door and use cotton to carefully press the soft cotton material onto the gasket so that the reduced amount of cotton makes it difficult to fix the seal with cotton on the closure. Because the cotton material itself is elastic, it can ensure that the seal is closely combined with the box body.

When the sealing ring in the test box is in the middle or there is a gap due to low temperature, use a desiccator as a gap. Manually remove the concave part from the sealed rubber pad and keep it for 20 minutes after the gap disappears.

In short, if the seal of the magnetic door of the xenon lamp weatherproof test chamber is notnot good, it will directly affect the air leakage of the test chamber, cause changes in the cooling effect, increase power consumption, and easily cause the compressor to restart. Therefore, do not underestimate this point. If you really cannot solve this problem, it is more appropriate to find the manufacturer to fix it.

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