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Wash Color Fastness Test Operating Steps

Author:QINSUN Released in:2019-03 Click:967

Double -cylinder wash color fastness tester can be used for washing, dry cleaning test. Dual cylinder separation, equipped with separate operation control panel, can carry out two different temperature experiments at the same time. Electronic light touch switch, LCD menu display, no mechanical contact, safe and reliable. The test frame drive is stable and reliable in exchange for washing cup. Equipped with 500ml and 1200ml water washing cups, each cylinder contains 24 cup slots (12 different sizes) to meet different test requirements. The heating pipe has no noise, long life and accurate temperature control.

Wash Color Fastness Test Operating Steps

Wash fastness test steps:
1, sample, size of 40 mm x 100 mm, affixed lining fabric is the same as the sample size, can two pieces is the single fiber affixed lining fabric or a fiber lining fabric, and sample along the short edge stitching, form a composite sample.
More than 2, instrument: diameter of 75 mm and 125 mm high airtight container, sealed container along the radius of 45 mm. And rotational speed of 40 r/min, and staying within the prescribed under the temperature and time of mechanical stirring.
3. Test conditions: the temperature, time and feeding of the five test methods are:
Methods a; 40 ℃, 30 min;
Method 2:50 ℃, 30 min;
Method 3:60℃, 30 min;
Method 4:95 ℃, 30 min, Add 10 stainless steel bead;
Method 5:95 ℃, 240 min, add 10 stainless steel beads.
4, washing test solution, test solution by 5 g/L soap flakes and 2 g/L anhydrous sodium carbonate, standard synthetic detergent or 4 g/L and 1 g/L of anhydrous sodium carbonate, synthetic detergent soap flakes and standards should not contain fluorescent whitening agent.