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Vortex flow meter lightning protection diagram

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-06 Click:105

Vortex flow meter is a commonly used flow measuring instrument, which has the advantages of accurate measurement, stable performance, flexible use, high reliability and easy maintenance. Vortex flowmeters should pay attention to lightning protection during use, and lightning can cause serious damage to vortex flowmeters. Today, the editor will introduce the lightning protection method of the vortex flow meter in detail.

Let\'s first discuss lightning damage to the vortex flow meter:

1. Lightning penetrates through the power supply and burns out the meter.

2. When lightning is generated, the electronic components of the instrument generate magnetic induction with a strong magnetic field, which instantly generates strong voltage and current, and breaks down the insulation and burns the insulation. \'instrument.

3. The lightning impulse wave invades theflowmeter through the wireless network and burns the chip or the communication instrument.

The main problems are that the instrument is usually installed in a place where there are few people and the road is difficult to walk; the heat pipe is very long and there are ways to bury it overhead; Far, sparsely populated, overhead pipelines have relatively become targets of lightning strikes; heating in urban areas is mainly for restaurants, bathrooms, etc., and the soil in these places is relatively more polluted, and the concentration of soil electrolytes is higher, so it is easy to be hit by lightning ; instruments and instrument housings Usually installed outdoors. Wind and rain, it is easy to be rusted and oxidized, and the grounding effect is getting worse and worse.

So what are some effective solutions against lightning?

1. Protectexternal ection against lightning. Including lightning rod, lightning belt, down conductor, grounding electrode, etc.

2. Internal lightning protection. Install a suitable lightning arrester at the front end of the equipment to be protected, so that the equipment, lines and earth form a conditional equipotential body. Both complement each other and are indispensable. The external lightning protection system protects the body of the building from lightning strikes, while the internal lightning protection prevents damage from induced lightning and other forms of surge intrusion to equipment, which cannot be guaranteed by external lightning protection. Lightning protection work is persistent work, and it is necessary to constantly explore and improve the work to improve work efficiency and measure management level.

In particular weather, nEspecially in summer when there are many lightning strikes, it is still necessary to protect the instrument. Taking more preventive measures can effectively reduce damage to the instrument and avoid unnecessary loss.