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Viscosity determination method of automatic kinematic viscometer

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:114

Automatic Kinematic Viscometer Viscosity There are three methods of measuring viscosity, kinematic viscosity and conditional viscosity.

(1) Dynamic viscosity: ηt is the resistance generated when the distance between the two liquid layers is 1 cm , automatic dynamic viscosity The area of ​​the tester is 1 (square centimeter), the relative speed of movement is 1 cm/s, and the unit is g/Lim/s. 1 g/cm s=1 wetland general: the industrial dynamic viscosity unit is represented by wetland.

(2) Kinematic viscosity: when the temperature is t℃, the symbol for kinematic viscosity means y. In the International System of Units, kinematic viscosity is represented by s, i.e. square meters per second (m2/s). Actual measurements usually use centistokes and CST is expressed in square millimeters per second (ie 1cst=1 square millimeter/second). This kinematic viscosity is widely used for dark petroleum products such as fuel oil, diesel oil, lubricating oil and other liquid petroleum products,and the viscosity and kinematic viscosity of the used lubricating oil, crude oil, etc. are used in countercurrent.

(3) Conditional viscosity: Viscosity expressed in conditional units measured by various specific viscometers. There are three types of conditional viscosity commonly used in different countries: