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Explain the three control systems of high temperature aging rooms

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:94

1. PID controller: With the PID controller as the control center, the alarm system is fully functional by controlling the time relay, intermediate relay, SSR, contactor, etc. to reach the set state. The control system has strong mobility and stability, and its advantages can directly read parameters such as temperature, current and voltage during the aging process, which is convenient for maintenance and relatively cheap. However, the functions that the control system can achieve are simple and are mainly suitable for simple aging test equipment.

Second, PLC controller: it is a programmable controller, with PLC as the control core, and the functions it can achieve are relatively complete. All types of actions required in the system can be achieved in principle. The indoor aging situation can be read on the same interface, including reading the temperature of at the same timeevery point in the room. The temperature change curve during the indoor aging process is The ON-OFF power required during the aging process can be adjusted Free setting, separate alarm system, overheating, abnormal sound and light alarm system.

Third, computer control: it can have all the functions of PID controller and PCL controller at the same time, and can collect signals for product aging conditions and automatically record them Download the complete information about the product aging process and can collect the output signal of the product (scan every 5s~600s and automatically record in EXCEL format). After the aging is completed, all aging equipment can be called at any time during the aging process. signal output data.

Above are the three commonly used aging room control systems compiled by Wuhan Gete ElectromechanicalEquipment Co., Ltd. Each operating system has different features and prices. , users can choose an operating system suitable for business development according to their own needs! ! If you have any other questions, you can enter the company and contact us.