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Veslic wear tester with four stations

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-03 Click:106

Product Introduction:
Veslic four-station abrasion resistance tester is used to measure the color fastness to rubbing of dry/wet fabrics. The equipment has four stations, each station can load 500g or 1000g separately. After the sample is clamped and fixed on the vibrating test bed, 25% tension can be applied. Each station has an adjustable bracket to accommodate the sensing felt pad, which can accommodate a rubber pad of the same size. Felt pads are used for color fastness and damage assessment. Wet and dry testing is possible (usually using deionized water or synthetic sweat). The test samples and test felts are evaluated by comparing them with the standard gray standard under the standard multi-light source color light box to evaluate the color change. The use of rubber pads instead of pieces of felt simulates the friction of the sole against the leather on the front of the de shoe, as if a shoe wearer puts one shoe on top of the other with his legs crossed.

The Veslic tester is used to test the color fastness of leather, fabric, vinyl, stitched seams, plastics and other friction (similar to fading) by rubbing), the degree of surface damage to the sample surface is assessed, as is the amount of color transferred from the sample to the rubbing pad. The abrasion resistance of upper sole materials can also be tested with this instrument. This type of test can be performed by replacing the felt pad with a small molded rubber friction pad.

Comply with standard:
EN ISO 20344: 7.3 Personal Protective Equipment Test Methods for Footwear
DIN 53339 Inspection of Leather Dyeing and Method for Dyeing determining the abrasion resistance of finishes
BS EN ISO 11640 Leather Tests for color fastness ColourecResistance to periodic movement UNI EN ISO 11640 Leather Tests for color fastness Cycle resistance Color fastness to movement br /> DIN 53340 Inspection of leather. Determination of the properties of semi-flexible leather during permanent folding
NF EN ISO 5402 Leather. Determination of resistance to bending Flexometer method
JIS K 6545 Test method for bending resistance of light leather and surface decorations
I.U.F 450, I.U.F 454, I.U.F 458, IUP 450, SLF 450

Steel plate load bearing structure coated with acid-resistant epoxy resin
Lubrication-free movement mechanism
18/8 stainless steel horizontal plane with clamps
Sample elongation 10% System
Load 500gr, 15 x 15mm felt clamps
Total 1000g extra weight
Movement range > 35mm
Brass and stainless steel brackets
ResistantCondensed steel shield self-aligning bearing

Control panel:
Main switch
Self-adjusting axis knob confirmation