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Veslic tester

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-03 Click:123

Test standard:
BS 1006 UK-LG, IUF 450, SLF 450, DIN 53339, EN ISO 11640, Veslic C4500

 Product Introduction:
1. This instrument is used to test the color fastness to rubbing on the leather surface to measure the degree of damage to the leather surface, and the amount transferred from the sample to the friction pad color volume. This instrument can be used for a dry friction test with a dry friction pad, or a wet friction test with a wet friction pad after conditioning with distilled water or sweat.
2. This instrument can also be used to test the abrasion resistance of the upper material of the sole. This type of test can be performed by replacing the felt pad with a small molded rubber friction pad. Normal wear and tear, especially when the wearer crosses their legs or places the sole of one shoe on top of the other, can cause wear and tear on the top of the shoe.cause one. 3. The instrument is easy to operate. The sample is placed on the test platform and secured with the supplied clamps. Adjust the knob and percent scale on the machine\'s test bench to generate preload. The square friction piece is installed on the clamp at the end of the friction head, and the friction head is lowered onto the sample surface. When the operation of the instrument reaches the preset period, the counter corresponding to the machine can stop the machine from working.

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