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UV accelerated aging test machine UV aging test

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The ultraviolet accelerated aging test machine adopts ultraviolet fluorescent lamps which simulate the UV spectrum of sunlight and combines temperature control and humidity supply devices to perform climate change tests on materials in order to evaluate the weather resistance of the materials. Qisnun Precision Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. can develop independently. We produce domestic instruments and can also act as agents for imported brand products. Customers in need are welcome to call us in time.

Applicable standards:

ASTMD4329, ASTMD4587, ASTMD4799, ASTMD5208, ASTMG151, ASTMG154, EN927-6, EN1297, EN1898FIBC, EN12224, EN13523-10, ISO4892-1, ISO4892-3 , ISO11507, ISO11895, ISO11997-2, SAEJ2020, prEN1062-4

Three common UV aging lamps:

UVA-340: simulatesmedium and short wavelength range in the ultraviolet portion of sunlight, typically used for photoaging testing of outdoor products.

UVA-351: Simulates the short mid-wavelength range in the ultraviolet portion of window-filtered sunlight, typically used for indoor products.

UVB-313: Emits a considerable amount of radiation below 300nm, which is the nominal cutoff wavelength of solar radiation. This will cause certain aging phenomena that do not occur outdoors. It is not recommended to use this lamp to simulate sunlight. This test is widely used, mainly for accelerated material durability testing, as a qualitative comparison of two or more materials.

UV aging belongs to solar radiation aging. UV is the abbreviation of Ultraviolet(ultraviolet). It is generally used to evaluate the rate of aging of products under ultraviolet rays. Aging due to the sun is the main damage caused by the aging of exterior materials. , For the materials used indoors, they will also be subject to some degree of aging by sunlight or ultraviolet rays from artificial light sources (such as ultraviolet lamps, ultraviolet strips from fluorescent lamps, etc. ).

Aging test step V:

Lighting step

Simulate the daylight duration in the natural environment (usually between 0. 35W/m2 and 1.35W/m2). The noon sun intensity in summer is about 0.55W/m2) and the test temperature (50°C~85°C) to simulate various product use environments and meet the test requirements of different regions and industries.

Condensation stage

Simulatethe phenomenon of fogging on the sample surface at night, turn off the ultraviolet fluorescent lamp (dark state) during the condensation stage, only control the test temperature (40~60°C) and surface humidity of the sample is 95 ~ 10O% RH.

Spraying stage

Through the sample surface is continuously sprayed with water to simulate the raining process. Since the conditions for artificial ultraviolet accelerated aging tests are much harsher than those in the natural environment, aging damage that takes several years to occur in the natural environment can be simulated and reproduced within days or weeks.