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Universal friction and wear testing machine_High frequency reciprocating friction testing machine

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Universal Friction and Wear Testing Machine_High Frequency Reciprocating Friction Testing Machine It is used to evaluate the friction and wear properties of lubricants, metals, plastics, coatings, rubber , ceramics and other materials within the speed range of the speed.

Product introduction

Main application:
The new universal friction and wear testing machine can be used in the form of rolling and sliding friction to evaluate the friction and wear properties of lubricants, metals, plastics, coatings, rubber, ceramics and other materials over a wide speed range. The machine has a variety of friction pairs, such as a low-speed friction pair with a pin disc (large plate, three needles), a four-ball long-term anti-wear friction pair, a ball-bronze three-piecefriction pair with lubrication performance (optional accessories), thrust washer, ball - disc, mud wear, coupling lip seal and stick-slip friction pair rubber seals (optional accessories).

Application field:
Universal friction and wear tester can measure the rotation on a single system under certain conditions such as temperature, atmosphere and fluid control and linear friction and wear. Tribology is an important study in almost all industries including automotive, aerospace, metallurgy, machining, coatings, medicine, biomedicine, the environment and many other fields.
Working principle:
The wear layer and the sample friction paper rub against each other at a certain speed under the influence of the load friction body. The abrasion resistance of the ink layer or coating can be assessed by measuring the decrease in density or the decrease in layer thickness before and after rubbing.

Performance Characteristics:

This machine introduces the principle of process control and closely combines industrial control computer with configuration software technology and network technology; and adopting an integrated structural design, the embedded industrial control computer, configuration software, acquisition module and actuator are combined into one frame to complete the control of the entire testing process. All testing operations can be performed in the computer\'s main interface. is the first domestic friction and wear testing machine to adopt this technology. It has the characteristics of flexible configuration control mode, various kinds of friction pairs, wide range of speed regulation, ability to simulate high temperature environment, high degree of automation, and convenient using and adjusting.

Technical parameters:
Test force working range 0~1000N
Ttest force indication relative error ±1%
Friction torque measurement range 0~2500N.mm
Friction torque relative error indication ±2%
Operating mode: microcomputer control, LED display.

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