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Tongkuai New Technology Exposure: Improving Laser 3D Cutting Speed

Author:QINSUN Released in:2024-01 Click:37

Recently, Tongkuai announced the development of a new technology that has improved the speed and efficiency of metal sheet cutting. This solution is called BrightLine Speed and provides advantages for 3D cutting of hot formed parts. For example, parts used in the production of B-pillars and door frames in automotive manufacturing.

"BrightLine Speed allows us to increase the cutting speed of boards with a thickness of 4 mm by 60%," said Ralf Kohll ö ffel, Product Manager at TRUMPF. Compared to traditional laser cutting, the BrightLine Speed also consumes about 50% less cutting gas per part. More importantly, at the same laser power, it increases the production efficiency of the cutting process by 15%, thus reducing the energy required for manufacturing each part. Our new cutting technology is faster and uses less gas, which will truly save costs for customers and bring about real productivity improvements.

The core of BrightLine Speed is a new, TRUMPF patented laser cable (LLK), which is a special "two in one" innovative product with inner and outer fiber cores. A TruDisk disc laser couples laser into LLK and distributes laser power through an internal and external core using a device called a wedge switch. This allows users to adjust laser power and beam profile more accurately and flexibly to adapt to the thickness of the sheet currently being processed.